The Pedagogical Role of Social Media in Promoting Students’ Intercultural Understanding: Second Year American and British civilization M.A. Students at the University of Mohamed Boudief University as a case Study

Amel Bouakaz


With the latest technological developments in Social Media, intercultural communication has become a necessity. The present study aims to investigate the pedagogical role of Social Media in promoting students’ intercultural understanding. To this effect, a case study was conducted at "Mohamed Boudiaf” University of M’sila (Algeria), particularly in the English department where the Second Year American and British civilization M.A. students were selected as the sample population. The data is derived from a questionnaire administered to students and analyzed through SPSS. The practical outcome of this study has displayed that the frequent usage of Social Media by M.A students constitutes a significant impact on them. It has also reflected their readiness to integrate Social Media into the host culture through a convenient pedagogy. 


Intercultural understanding, communicative competence, Social Media.

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