“Setting Boundaries: Creating Assignments that Limit Student SelfDisclosures"

Katherine Grant


Student self-disclosures are the pieces of personal information that students share with instructors either through written work, in-class discussions, or with an instructor during office hours. Student self-disclosures can create an immense amount of care work for the instructor and increases the emotional load required of the instructor over the course of the semester. While instructors care deeply for the well-being of their students, evaluating student work can become increasingly challenging when the work contains personal pieces of information regarding trauma. Slight changes to assignments should be implemented to eliminate student self-disclosures in assignments that require evaluation. Instructors must still be aware of the need to refer students to their institution’s support services when there are troubling pieces of information shared in class or during office hours to protect the emotional and physical well-being of students.


student, self-disclosure, boundaries, instructor, personal essay, assignment

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