Electronic personal health record in pervasive computing

Saedeh Abbaspour, Faranak Fotouhi Ghazvini




Since the use of paper records causes emerging problems, the importance of information technology in health and medical fields can be realized. Now according to this importance, in this article it has been tried to provide a view of pervasive computing technology in medical field and healthcare and telemedicine for people treatment. The goal of this article is to provide a concept or system architecture for a pervasive health care system. Requirement analysis has been done based on related contents, and variety of different perspectives has been proposed about system, but as the domain of this system was completely vague at the first place and is limited by each resource which is used for requirement analysis, vague requirements couldn’t explain more features as the system concept contains a wide range of possible functions and features. So by use of software architecture techniques a system concept has been provided. This work has been recognized structural requirements and logic view of making the system. However some structural requirements have not been met by the provided 


personal health record, electronic health record, telemedicine, healthcare, pervasive computing.

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