Public diplomacy from Imam Ali’s point of view: Islamic pattern in international relationship

Ali Adami, Marzieh Mohammadi Nasab



In this study an Islamic pattern of public diplomacy in international relationships based on Imam Ali’s strategic and executive policies is presented. As one of soft power tools, public diplomacy needs value and general norm management, in a way that its fair measures reveals constant attractiveness on the system. Although, in last decades, relevance of public diplomacy in global policy framework has necessitated its consideration in all internal and foreign policies, but it must be noted that, 14 centuries before, Imam Ali had regarded public policy as a political principle in his policy makings. In this regard, study of Imam Ali’s thoughts in this field could provide a framework of public diplomacy in Islamic dialogue. Knowledge on public diplomacy indices in Imam Ali’s thoughts, could also determine the differences between western and Islamic views in this field. The main question of the research is about the basis of Imam Ali’s public diplomacy management. The main hypothesis of this study is that Imam Ali’s public 


political values, public opinions, globalization, public diplomacy, soft power.

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