The Role of Job Characteristics in Group Effectiveness of Employees of Insurance Companies

Jebrail A'zami, Majid Jahangirfard


The aim of the present study is to examine the role of job characteristics on group effectiveness of employees of insurance companies and for this purpose 286 employees in supervisory department in insurance companies in Tehran were selected by using simple random sampling method and responded to research questionnaire. Content validity of this questionnaire was confirmed by a number of experts in this field and its reliability also was confirmed with the help of Cronbach's alpha test, which is large than 70% for all the dimensions. In the end, data collected from research questionnaire were analyzed by using structural equation modeling test and results indicated that job characteristics are effective on group effectiveness of employees in insurance companies. Also, among the five dimensions of job characteristics, the dimensions of skill variety, job significance, autonomy, feedback are effective on employees' group effectiveness and that, only the dimension of job identity is not effective on employees' group effectiveness. 


Job characteristics, job characteristic, group effectiveness of employees, insurance companies.

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