The Role and Effect of Freshwater on International Law Security and Peace

Mustafa Taghizadeh Ansari, Soodabeh Namadrian


Due to population growth and increasing water demands and shortage of water resources that caused involvement of governments and with regard to economic and socio-political factors specific to each river shared by many international governments and large populations rely on them for feed and subsistence and survival and continuity of river and its ecosystem, Growth, development and promotion of this branch of public international law that international Freshwater law is very necessary. As it is, this branch of law has close relationship with crucial and important issues of public international law, including international environmental law, human rights, humanitarian and conflict law, international economic laws and other issues. As we have seen in many definitions and concepts of international law, Freshwater has borrowed from the principles of customary international law. Conservation of International River’s Ecosystem, peaceful and fair relations, cooperation on the basis of sovereign equality and conservative management or fair use of the rivers all are issues in this branch of international law that development and expansion of each of these concepts, observation and growth of international freshwater law and growth of international freshwater law help the continuation and dynamics and deep understanding of the concepts and practices in government relations. So governments in order to more and better support of watercourse-related conventions and conclusion or satisfying regional agreements, should take more effective step in order to keep peace and security.


international law, freshwater, security, peace, conflict.

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