Comparing the personality traits of moral evolution, altruism and social self-efficiency among gifted and ordinary students of Ahwaz high schools

Najafi M. Chaleshtori, Heidari Alireza


This study aimed to compare personality characteristics of moral evolution, altruism and social self-efficacy in gifted and ordinary students in Ahwaz high schools. For this purpose, 320 gifted students of Shahid Beheshti high school and  345 students from ordinary schools were randomly selected. The research tools consisted of two questionnaires: social self-efficiency and moral judgments. A comparative study was performed.  . For the data analysis, the multi-variable variance analysis was used at alpha level 05/0. Results showed that there is a significant difference between personality traits of social self-efficiency and moral judgment.


social self-efficiency, moral judgment, altruism, gifted.

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