The Study of the Relationship between Social Capital and Organizational Commitment among Teachers in Bandar Abbas

Esmaeil Dehghanian, Yaser Rastegar


 This study aimed to investigate the relationship between social capital and organizational commitment among teachers of Bandar Abbas in 2015 the study population consisted of 2825 teachers which 360 teachers as sample were selected using stratified random sampling. The present study is a survey and questionnaire has been used to collect the data. For data analysis, Pearson correlation coefficient, analysis of variance and the mean difference have been used. The results show that there is a positive significant relationship between social capital and organizational commitment. So that with increasing social capital and job satisfaction, organizational commitment of teachers increases. There is a negative relationship between work experience and organizational commitment (reverse) in other words, with the increase of work experience; organizational commitment of teachers is reduced. 


emotional commitment, normative commitment, organizational commitment, Social capital, trust.

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