Senor Wences: The Art of Animation Inside a Ventriloquist

Dahlan Abdul Ghani


Wenceslao Moreno, or better known as Señor Wences was a Spanish Ventriloquist. He is describe as among the famous talented ventriloquist master alongside with others such as Jeff Dunham or Alex King. Animation is pervasive in context with visual motion, illusion and culture. Today’s younger generation are lack of exposure or knowledge to world of “Ventriloquism”, cinema, video games or mobile gadgets has created a kind of group known as “Digital Natives”.   This research will focus on the animation qualities or aesthetics possibilities that Senor Wences use display his visual creativity as a ventriloquist. Also, this research will look into several animation influence domains such as narrative, visual puppets and culture perspectives used by Senor Wences to portray the art of Ventriloquism. 


Senor Wences, Ventriloquist, Animation, Narrative, Puppets, Culture, Ventriloquism.

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