The Effect of Multimedia Texts Presented on Interactive Whiteboards on Iranian High School EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Performance

Saeed Ghaniabadi, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Amirian, Maryam Hatami Khalilabad, Asghar Moulavi Nafchi


The integration of interactive whiteboard (hereafter IWB) in language classrooms has attracted the attention of many researchers all over the world. The purpose of the current study is to teach reading texts (multimedia) presented on an IWB to determine their effectiveness on enhancing Iranian high school EFL learners’ reading comprehension. To conduct the study, fifty three first-grade high school students from two different high schools were randomly selected and assigned to two groups: one experimental group (N=25) taught through the IWB and one control group (N=28) taught through conventional method. During the first week, a standardized reading comprehension test was given to both groups as the pretest to assure the homogeneity of the two groups, and also to assess the participants’ achievements as a baseline for comparison with posttest results. The training took ten sessions during a two-month period, and the same instructor taught the groups ninety minutes each session. Then, the same reading comprehension test used as pretest was given to the participants as posttest at the end of the instruction. The results of independent sample t-test revealed that teaching reading comprehension through an IWB has a significant effect on EFL learners’ reading comprehension performance.


Therefore, in contributing to the body of the IWB research literature, this study is expected to advance students’, researchers’, educators’ and syllabus designers’ understanding of how digital technology is used in education, and to help them in establishing a learning environment that will promote effective use of existing technology (IWB) for L2 reading comprehension.


EFL learners; interactive whiteboards (IWB); multimedia texts; reading comprehension; smart boards.

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