Studying Opportunities and Threats Resulting from Sanctions on International Activities of Iranian Banks (Case Study: Bank Melli of Iran)

Seyed Javad Hashemi, Mansoureh Aligholi


The aim of the present study is to examine the opportunities and threats resulting from sanctions imposed on international activities of Iranian Banks (case study: Bank Melli of Iran) and hence, the present study is an exploratory, survey study in terms of method and in terms of goal, it is an applied study. Statistical population of the present study consisted of all the experts of Bank Melli Iran in 2015. From this statistical population with reference to Cochran's formula for limited population, a number of 326 managers, deputies and experts were selected by using simple random sampling method, due to Homogeneity of the available units and completed the research questionnaire. Content validity of this questionnaire was tested by using face validity method and was confirmed by a number of expert and specialists and its reliability also was confirmed b using Cronbach's alpha test. In the end, data collected from research questionnaires were analyzed by using confirmatory factor analysis. Results indicated that research hypotheses are confirmed. Therefore, we can claim that currency, human resources, organizational resources and management opportunities are among the opportunities resulting from currency, organizational and international sanctions and threats and domestic macro threats, customers treats and banking risk are among the threats resulting from sanctions impose in international activities of Bank Melli Iran.


Opportunities, threats, sanctions, international activities, Bank Melli Iran.

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