A study on the relationship between motivational variables using mobile commerce

Mahdi Hemmati


With regard to the development and advancement of technologies in recent years, fast growth of information technology and development of modern communication networks, traditional methods no longer can meet humans’ needs at different areas of life. With emergence and expansion of wireless networks, today a new generation of e-commerce applications named mobile commerce has emerged. M-commerce keeps extending through thousands of mobile devices such as cell phones, personal digital devices, digital notebooks and even wireless dashboards. Mobile commerce is actually the beginning of a new area in trade world. In this research, firstly the concept of mobile commerce will be proposed and then features of mobile commerce will be proposed. Further, the factors affecting acceptance towards mobile commerce by the consumers will be detected regarding the literature review. With regard to the proposed model and importance of acceptance towards mobile commerce, the factors such as perceived ease of use, perceive delight and Perceived Usefulness are the determinants in acceptance of mobile commerce. 


mobile commerce, motivational variables, acceptance.

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