Investigation the Effect of Education through electronic content information literacy on information literacy skills and academic achievement

Sakineh Jafarian, Bahman Saeidipour, Mohammad Reza Sarmadi, Mehran Faraj Ellahi


The aim of the present study is investigating the impact of teaching through electronic content of information literacy on students' information literacy skills and their academic achievement. In this research paper, quasi-experimental method has been used. The total number of population is 200 virtual training students of Shahid Madani of Azerbaijan University, and out of these 200 students, 80 students were selected randomly as the sample population. In this research, also, to collect data, we have used information literacy standardized questionnaires and also student’s last & present term average. In order to analyze the collected data, multi variable variation analysis has been used. The research result indicate that the electronic information literacy content has a good influence on the information literacy skills and academic achievement of the students, there is a significant difference between experimental group and control group on the base of information literacy skills  and academic achievement and experimental group functioned better on the bases of information literacy skills  & academic achievement.


Electronic content of Information literacy, information literacy skills, academic achievement, virtual (distance) training students.

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