An Examination of the Role of Mass media's Social factor on Tourism (A case study: City of Ilam)

Kolsom Khalilvand, Roya Karimi Dostan, Akram Emanfard, Zhilla Mohammadzadeh


In the accelerated global pathway, media and communicational technologies has progressed with an unimaginable speed and dominated all of human activity levels. Successful media productions can have a significant effect in introducing less known tourism attractions in the regions with high level of tourism potential. Tourism places can observe direct effect of media in developing activities related to this sector. Present research intends to examine the role of social factor of mass media on tourism in city of Ilam. Research method of this research is a descriptive survey way, in which data was gathered through library and questionnaire ways. Content reliability and validity of applied questionnaire during this study was confirmed by experts and professors with Alpha Cronbach 0.83. Population of study consisted all of resident people in Ilam who have traveled inside and outside of the province and the country, among whom 384 individuals were selected with Cochran's method and cluster sampling method. In order to analyze data and by respecting non-normality of data, success likelihood test was applied. Obtained results indicated that social factor of mass media (television, radio, newspaper and journals, internet, mobile telephone) have a significant effect on tourism. Also, social factor of mass media have a significant effect in introducing tourism places and attractions, forming general tourist's insight on introducing target places and tourists' interest in tourism.


tourism, tourist, mass media, types of tourism, advertisements.

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