Barriers & Sub-barriers to the Entry of Iranian Football Premier League Clubs into the Stock Exchange

Mosab Khosravi, Fariba Askarian


The current research seeks to examine the relationship between sociocultural, administrative, legal/regulatory, financial/economic, technical/technological barriers with the entry of Primary Football League Clubs into the Stock Exchange. The research statistical population is consisted of the sports management professors as the faculty members in Iranian universities including state and private universities, Payame Noor, and the managers of Iranian Football Primer League Clubs. In the current article, a researcher-made questionnaire was used which contains 58 questions in two parts including barriers and solutions. The questionnaire validity was confirmed by the sport management professors, and its reliability was confirmed to be 77.51 based on the confirmatory factor analysis test. For testing the hypotheses, the Spearman correlation test and logistic regression were used.  The findings showed that the sociocultural, administrative, legal/regulatory, technical/technological barriers can affect the entry of the Primary Football League clubs into Stock Exchange, but there is no significant relationship between the economic/financial barriers and the entry of clubs into the Stock Exchange.


Football Club; Administrative; Financial/Economic; Legal/Regulatory; Sociocultural; Technical/Technological; Stock Exchange.

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