Reviewing the Political Standpoints and Activities of Seyed HosseinFatemi and Their Impacts on Oil Nationalization Movement in Iran

Safar Ali Koshki, Maghsood Ranjbar, Mohammad Hasan Elahimanesh


Investigation of political standpoints and activities of Seyed Hossein Fatemi and their impacts on Oil Nationalization Movement in Iran occupies a very important status throughout the history of Iran. Seyed Hossein Fatemi was the first person who considered the idea of nationalization of the oil industry in Iran. Since this paper attempted to review the political standpoints and campaigns of Seyed Hossein Fatemi and their impacts on Oil Nationalization Movement in Iran, the era in which he lived was considered as one of the most important historical periods in Iranian contemporary history. Actually, this was an era in which the Iranian national campaigns, especially their efforts in the course of nationalization of oil industry, were mostly outstanding. This National Movement challenged the Shah and his entourage to rule in accordance with the Constitutionality. Additionally, this movement led the governments of Iran and Britain to fight over the South Oil Company. This latter issue led to the introduction of a new stage in the anticolonial activities in Iran. Regarding all these critical and complex stages, Seyed Hossein Fatemi, who was firstly the Vicar of Political-Parliamentary Affairs and was then appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, played critical and fundamental roles in the fields of political and Press insofar as he could, with the help of Mossaddegh and his followers, accomplish one of the greatest achievements in the political history of Iran. 


Seyed Hossein Fatemi, Nationalization of Oil Industry, National Front, Bakhtar Newspaper and Bakhtar Daily, Mosaddegh, Vicar of Political-Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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