The Combination of Myth and Theosophy in Zal's Story

Abdolla Rezaee


Undoubtedly, we can’t mention any resources or works which can reflect the original elements of culture and civilization of Iranian honorable and prideful nation more and better than Shahnameh. Zal is one of the effective characters in advent and emersion of events and scenes which result in the advent of Iranian valuable cultural structures in Shanameh. The wise professor in Tus has described his full of blessings role in a compilation of myth and theosophy.

Ferdowsi, in depicting his mythical role, used some secrets and symbols which have close relationship with theosophy.

This paper confirms the fundamental link of Zal's life and structural framework of his responsibility in Shahnameh, with everything which has been called practical and theoretical theosophy in order to prove basically that in fact, it organizes civilization and culture of this honorable nation, without being needed to others, a firm foundation, based on Scholarly and spiritual vision.


myth, theosophy, demeanor and excursion, fascinated seeker, culture.

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