Investigating the relationship between social capital and establishment of knowledge management in Allameh Tabataba’i University

Golpar Mehrabi


Present study, by paying attention to the role and importance of social capital and knowledge management which are the most important resource of a country and organization during the recent years, explain the role of these intangible assets and organizational strategic resources in sustainable development and organizational advantage .Transferring and sharing of knowledge and information between people and organizations in macro and micro levels, depends on the people that facilitate and accelerate this transition, so the importance of communication and interaction among people based on trust and norms in development, creation and application of knowledge has been emphasized .In this regard, it has tried to investigate the relationship between social capital (structural, communication and cognitive aspects) and knowledge management .Presented study is applied in terms of aim and in terms of data collection is descriptive and correlation .Statistical population is included all staffs and board of science members of Allameh Tabataba’i University that 80 of them were randomly selected using Cochran formula .Obtained results of subject literature and field research findings show that, there is a meaningful relationship among social capital, organizational culture, organizational structure, infrastructure and change content factors which all of them are variables of knowledge management readiness.


Knowledge management, social capital, organizational culture, organizational structure.

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