The place of ethic in excellence of religious education

Saeid Mirzaei, Zohre Esmaili, Mohammadreza Sarmadi, Mehran Farajollahi


Ethical issues and topics related to Ethics always have been scholar’s intellectual obsession. Indubitable, the internal construction of man and modification and hurt of his soul, plays an important  role in the welfare of the individual, social, temporal, and his hereafter; So that if a man educated in all the science and capture all the forces of nature, but is incapable from the conquest and self-mastery, will lag from achieving happiness and perfection.

Given the undeniable importance of these issues of human life, the purpose of this study is that using the concept of Ethics and determining the position of each, respond to this question that what is the place of ethics in religious education.  The research method of this research is in library and using primary and secondary sources. The results show that there is a reciprocal relationship and hesitant share between the ethics and upbringing. 


Upbringing - Ethics - Religious upbringing- To hassle ego.

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