Analysis of the Political and Strategic causes of the Arab defeat by Israel in 1967

Mohammad Haji Molla Ali, Maghsood Ranjbar, Ali Sher Khani



Six-Day War(5 to 10 June 1967 ) was the third war between the Arabs and Israel .This war that was known as the Arab-Israeli war  ,  the 1967 war and June war has been occurred  among  Israeli and  Arabic countries such as  Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria . When Egypt demanded the withdrawal of UN forces from the borders of Egypt - Israel's  and increased military provocations in this region  and blocked the Straits of Tiran open to Israeli ships, Israel knew these actions as a threat to its existence with fast attack intervened to the Egyptian Air Force and began fighting . The Arab defeated  in spite of  superiority and total multitude of military equipment, because of some mistakes in evaluating the strength of Israel and his position and  equations and  political equations  of two powers of  East and  west and also  conflict and competition of Arab's leaders and relying on  Nationalistic slogans. At the end of this war, Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, East Jerusalem occupied by Israeli troops. Six-Day War had many results and effects and its impact on forming new map of political- geographical Middle East isn’t deniable and has been continuing up to now.


Political causes, Strategic cause, Arab defeat.

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