Critically Reviewing some Aspects of Sayed Ahmad Khan Hindi’s Exegesis

Bemanali Dehghan Mongabadi, Samiyeh G. Shahbazi, Mostafa Porkerman


One of the materialist commentators of Muslim would be the late "Sayed Ahmad Khan Hindi", author of "Tafsir-Al-Quran Hov-al-huoda and Al-Furqan". He has tried to make his own innovative perspectives of the revelation verse and miracles based on tentative and materialism sciences. His effort approaches to a kind of reconciliation between the west and Islamic beliefs. Therefore, his ideas brought in India a lot of discussion and caused that the Hindi Islamic scholars rejected him, whom even his works became politically colored by; because he adhered to make the coexistence and reconciliation with England in terms of Indian politics; and some charged him with the treason, with respect to the policy he also took. As well due to his thoughts he had been charged with the treason to Islam. 


Syed Ahmed Khan, his exegesis, miracles, revelation.

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