Addressing the integration of ICT into teaching and Identification of the potential factors motivating teachers to use ICT

Tesnim Ounis


This present study is set up to investigate how ICT can be successfully integrated in the course of teaching and to explore the factors that motivate or de-motivate teachers to use ICT inside the classroom setting. It also seeks to examine the reasons behind sustaining their use of ICT in the teaching process. The study employed “Herzberg’ Motivation–Hygiene theory” to guide the process of understanding and categorizing the motivational factors. For the purpose of the study, data are collected through the use of semi-structured interviews with teachers who are experienced in using ICT. The deductive qualitative content analysis of the results reveal that the motivational factors which correlated most positively with ICT use are: self-perceived ability to use technology, level of resources available and satisfaction generated from utilizing IT, as well as and a sense of achievement resulting from applying technologies for teaching purposes.  The study also identifies a variety of motivational factors attributed by teachers to using ICT, such as: creating a satisfying and encouraging classroom environment, making teaching stimulating by increasing the attractiveness of tasks and enjoyable by breaking the monotony of class sessions, promoting the development of group cohesiveness by making learners active task participants.


ICT, teaching, ICT integration, motivational factors, Herzberg’ Motivation, Hygiene theory.

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