Social Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment

Behrooz Sabuhilaki


For the increasing competition among the societies, most of these competitions tend to resources and investments. Human resources are one of these important investments. Luckily for the sake of young rate of population in Iran, there is a potential human-related investment that definitely entails a specific guidance and programming for enabling and then attracting them in the economic, cultural, social and political structures of the country. Entrepreneurship reduces unemployment, increases the efficiency of people and resources and finally increases the revenue of the society. Although entrepreneurship is not the only way for job-making and revenue-increasing, it seems to be an effective and efficient method. What are the influential social factors affecting the entrepreneurship? In this research, it is tried to answer the above question by means of comments and views of thinkers of entrepreneurship science. According to the research findings, the following factors have effect on entrepreneurship: age, education, experience, population, social position, social dignity, community relations, consciousness and information.


Youth Employment, Unemployment, Entrepreneurship, Propagating and Improving Entrepreneurship.  

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