Spatial and Temporal Deixis in English and Persian

Elkhas Vaysi, Leila Salehnejad


The present study aims at studying the spatial and temporal deictic expressions in English and Persian. The values of deictic are uncontroversial determined pragmatically but are also input to semantic interpretation. The deictic devices in a language commit a speaker to set up a frame of reference around her. Every language carries an implicit division of the space around the current speaker, a division of time relative to the act of speaking, and, via pronouns, a shorthand naming system for the participants involved in the talk. While languages contain such deictic divisions of space and time, their use has to be calculated by the participants in actual contexts. The present study is a descriptive-analytic research. By comparing some sentences from English and Persian, we argued that in order to reach the exact interpretation of the place and time deictic expressions, the speaker uses the most economical means to describe a particular place and time. 


deixis, spatial, temporal, English, Persian.

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