An Introduction of the Theory of Aesthetics of Dewey in Education

Hangameh Mosadeghzadeh, Davoud Yahyaei


Aesthetics is a science of human existence which addresses the perception of issues related to beauty and is realized through art education. Due to the theoretical importance of aesthetics and the dearth of research in education and given that art can face the most basic stages and profound aspects of life and audience characters with significant change and evolution, the current study which is a qualitative research aimed to introduce and analyze the theory of aesthetics of Dewey and identify the role of this type of experience in education using descriptive-analytical and library method. Finally, after the data were qualitatively analyzed and the philosophical foundations of education and pragmatism were provided, as well as art and beauty were addressed from the perspective of John Dewey, it was concluded that art can be considered as one of the most efficient tool sand methods of human education in today's world who results and effects are visible in different areas, especially in the field of creativity and mental health. In this regard, awareness and education at all levels of education and promotion of public culture is very important, so from the perspective of John Dewey, class and school environment should be conducive to fostering artistic talent and encourage students and their success in various fields of art and provoke either sense of appreciation for the artistic heritage of the community.


Philosophy of Education, Dewey, nature, education, aesthetics, art, teacher.

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