Sixth Grade Curriculum's Threats and Opportunities

Khadijeh Nezhadensan, Sirous Asadian, Mousa Piri


The aim of the present study is to explore Sixth Grade curriculum's threats and opportunities that for this purpose 97 individuals from research population of 135 sixth grade teachers in 12 district of Tehran were selected by using Morgan's table and have responded to author-made research questionnaires. In the end, collected data from research questionnaires were analyzed by using one-sample t-test and results indicates that goals, evaluation, content and Teaching method of sixth grade curriculum are among threats and opportunities of sixth grade curriculum (p<0.01). In other words, it can be said that according to individuals in research sample, goals, evaluation, content and teaching method of sixth grade curriculum are considered as sixth grade curriculum threats and opportunities. 


Goals, evaluation, content, teaching method, sixth grade curriculum.

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