Educational Views of Nietzsche and Ayatollah Mutahari

Afifeh Hamedi, Ebrahim Sahraneshin


The present study was conducted to consider educational views of Nietzsche and Late Ayatollah Murteza Mutahhari. The significance of conducting this study is that proper education is a prerequisite for human accomplishment and if man is educated under the best schools, he will become angelic and sometimes go beyond angels. Otherwise, he will stop at lower levels of growth, or go back and descend to animals and even lower than that. Thus, proper individual and social growth and growth of human talents depends on proper education and more importantly, proper education not only results in correcting an individual but also changes the society. This study was conducted via library method by studying relevant books, articles, and theories on the one hand and analyzing, rejecting and proving some views and theories using logical proofs on the other hand, and it has been attempted in this regard to determine path of study by suggesting related questions and hypotheses. Nietzsche is a philosopher with particular interest in various philosophical and educational subjects. His most important educational goal is realizing a human beyond current one, and to achieve to this, he has strongly lent support to some characteristics such as willpower, individualism, infidelity, godlessness, freedom, moderation, culture, etc. and on the other hand, has dismissed some human characteristics, most importantly, spirituals, nature, and intellect. The opposing point to this thought is view of distinguished Iranian thinker, Late Ayatollah Mutahhari, in whose view human educational school must be established based on Holy Koran and Islamic resources in which growth and development of all human aspects have been considered. Martyr Mutahhari had a special emphasis on spiritual, natural, religious, physical, mental and even non-sensual needs of humans. After considering and comparing educational views of Nietzsche and Martyr Mutahhari, we conclude that if man is brought up based on Nietzsche's educational principles, will undoubtedly reach nowhere in the way of accomplishment, but as a result of training under Islamic educational principle, which is the basis of study of Martyr Murteza Mutahhari, excellence and accomplishment is provided for in human life.


education, superior human, Mutahhari, Nietzsche

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