Investigation of the Causes of Terrorism Tendencies of Balouch People in Cyberspace

Parviz Reza Mirlotfi, Mahin Gholamian, Omolbanin Gholamian


Killing human beings under any pretext is expanding today and has become the language of protest in various political, economic, cultural, and social areas. In this study, efforts have been made, using the cyberspace, to investigate the reasons for the spread of terrorism among Balouch people. The real question is this: What are the causes of the spread of terrorism in cyberspace? In response, contrary to common perception among most experts and scholars who know the root of terrorism in the province ethno-religious conflicts, what is discussed as the causes of terrorism in cyberspace in Sistan and Baluchestan is due to the lack of attention to economic development and Balouch subculture. The content analysis was used to prove the hypothesis.


terrorism, Sistan and Baluchestan, economic development, Balouch culture, Ahmadinejad’s government.

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