Study Effectiveness of Change Management in Government Organization (Case Study of Iran Telecommunication Company)

Somayeh Mostafavi


This study aims at investigating of change management implementation and successful strategies in Iran Telecommunication Company and its pathology. Formulating organization strategy partially means moving towards creating and discovering opportunities which all lead to value creation for market and organization benefit. This correlational study is descriptive- survey and aimed to be practical. In addition to collect data through library and documentary studies, we used sample study including all 40000 employees in Iran Telecommunication Company out of which 383 employees were selected trough random simple sampling by Kukran formula. Results indicated that there is significant relation among resource allocation (sig: 0.000), strategy transmission, (sig: 0.000), and employees alignment (sig: 0.009) with change strategy in telecommunication company.


change management, resource allocation, strategy transmission, management commitment, employees alignment.

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