Roman P. Bakanov


The article reveals and studies problems of formation of the Russian journalism, its state and its new trend as media criticism. Like literary, cinema or musical criticism it has to become a way of knowledge and public reflection of the modern information production different parties. Having studied filings of 13 Russian and 9 regional newspapers and magazines for 2005-2015, we revealed 5783 articles containing both positive and negative estimates for telecasts, work of the leading telecasts and tendencies of modern federal television broadcasting. By means of the Russian newspapers continuous monitoring methods, the substantial analysis and comparison of articles media critics published in different newspapers we found out that largely the analyzed articles talked about telecasts and their famous participants. Broadcasts quality was extremely seldom mentioned, articles of printing media were not discussed. In this article the problems connected with modern media criticism quality in the Russian press are exposed. We consider that the most important of them are problems of absence of the analysis uniform criteria for media texts and observance of critics activity ethical standards. From articles containing the analysis of telecasts we established that many Russian expert journalists have not recognized media criticism yet. Main conclusion: currently media criticism in Russian press is presented incidentally, it is on the periphery of public attention, critics make the analysis of media texts, being guided by their own representations about bad and good. Results of our research supplement conclusions of A. Fedorov, A. Levitskaya (2015); they are expand by examples from the Russian media criticism practice, the results of researches which are contained in articles and scientific literature by A.A. Berger (2013), A. Kaun (2014), P.B. Orlik (2014), S. Craft, T.P. Vos, J.D. Wolfgang (2015).


Russian journalism, media criticism, television criticism, television, media text, assessment, opinion, ethics of criticism, audience.

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