Grammatical means of creating expressivity in English press language

Nailia Faritovna Khasanova


Relevance of the research on grammatical means of creating expressivity in newspaper language is conditioned by the general importance of expressivity means in newspaper language, because mass media is the main source of persuasion and carries out the affecting function. The purpose of this work is to systematize and classify the main grammatical means of creating expressivity in newspaper language and to study the change of the meaning according to the context. The main approaches used in this research are problem – oriented and thematic approaches.  Firstly we have outlined several grammatical units described by scientists as structures of creating expressivity in the text. After that we have analyzed the quantity and efficiency of their usage in the examples taken from the newspaper texts. The results of the work help us to explore the correspondence between the inner expressivity of the text and its outer organization. Materials received from this work may be used in special parts of university courses such as general science of language, stylistics, translation theory and psycholinguistics, during the study of emotional level of language and on classes of English practice. 


expressivity, press, grammatical means, emotive definition, intensity, university education, student’s education.

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