Determination the relationship between drought and changes in the animal Population in Kerman during the period 2010 to 2014 (Case Study: Fahraj city)

Samira Doostmohammadi, Somayeh Doostmohammadi


Fahraj is one of the cities of Kerman province. The area of Fahraj city is 4560 square kilometers and is part of warm and arid zone, the climate of the city is hot and dry in summer and cold and dry in winter. In summer the air temperature sometimes reaches 50 degrees.  Fahraj in the livestock sector, Is in crisis because of drought. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of drought on livestock population in Fahraj city. To study the drought and its relationship with the animal population during the period of 2010–2014 in Fahraj city, statistics of Bam synoptic station were collected and statistics of Fahrajʹs livestock population were also obtained from the veterinary department of Fahraj city. Then to evaluate the regional drought over the period of 2010– 2014, the index of  percentage from normal of  rainfall(PNRF) was calculated. To examine the relationship of drought with the animal population, Pearson correlation coefficient was used. According to the correlation results, linear relationship between two variable factors of animal population and data derived from PNRF index with 0/958 correlation coefficient and 0/00 significance coefficient is confirmed.



Drought , PNRF ,Fahraj, Animal population.

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