National Identity, Mentality and Character

Gulnaz K. Gizatova, Olga G. Ivanova, Ekaterina V. Snarskaya


Article is devoted to the research of a genetic connection of national identity, mentality and national character in a situation of ethnic and inter-civilization contradictions in the modern society. Consideration of these three as unities of the "national" concept forming results in the need of taking into account  sociocultural context that determines a specific methodological position of the authors. The position of the researchers actualizes cognitive  and axiological phenomena, in particular, a discourse and a narrative. Both national identity, and national mentality are the basis, and effective instruments of ethno-mobilization processes, preservation and cultural development, eventually, – viability of the nation. But it is national culture within which such phenomena as values and symbols are generated and function; the last, eventually, are formed by a discourse and a narrative in the ways of value production, creation of meaning. They are the important regulatory principles, forming peculiar ethnic markers defining borders of national communities.  For both national mentality, and national identity an appeal to history of the people is characteristic, and the history is always connected with social memory of the nation. Often memory constructs the past, interpreting past events  in a way that the symbolical values which are reproduced in this process could "work"  in the best degree to provide the present of the nation with the resources that are necessary for it to maintain steady national identity. Thus, national identity can be created anew depending on specific needs of historical community.


national mentality, national identity, historical memory, multicultural world.

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