Translation as a Social Phenomenon

Adelya Khayaleeva, Tatiana Shatunova


The article deals with the formation of phenomenon and notion of translation as a social manifestation. The translation is presented as a key point of creating and resolving hermeneutical situation. It is shown that the conversion of the translation from the verbal procedure into a social phenomenon is caused by the processes of globalization and multiculturalism of the modern world. The translation under such conditions becomes a reliable way to organize relations of understanding between two or more social actors. The method of dialectical analysis of translation as an ambivalent contradictory phenomenon that contains the potency of social mechanism of constructing society; the principle of historicism that allows the scholars to move from analysis of translation as a purely linguistic phenomenon to identification of its social opportunities; the method of using the conflict of interpretations of translation to reveal its ambivalent characteristics; the theory of social systems by N. Luhmann that  allows to establish the mechanism of action of translation as a tool for constructing society, in particular, the rebuilding of social systems have been applied. The results of applying these methods: the specificity of the translation as a social relationship which consists in the fact that it allows a social actor to save his face and quality, on the one hand, and to be understood and to understand his social interlocutor, on the other hand, has been shown. The features and possibilities of translation as a social mechanism of constructing society have been revealed. The obtained results enable us to conclude that the social mission of the phenomenon of translation is constantly expanded and strengthened in the process of constructing and rebuilding the modern society. The practices of translation provide optimum of mutual relations of various social actors.


Social philosophy, theory of translation, actor-network theory, hermeneutics.  

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