Analyzing of resilience components in iran ( case study : Mashhad metropolitan )

Mohammad Hadi Mahdinia, Christa Reicher, Stefan Greiving


The urbanization is increasing rapidly and will continue during the next decades. United Nations Inter-Agency Secretariat of the International Strategy predicted for Disaster Reduction that more people will live in cities than in the rural areas for the early 2007. The highest growth will occur mainly in the cities of Asia. On the other hand, by extending of urbanization and industrialization in Iran, cities are faced problems such as expansion on hazard prone areas. Resilience is a new concept which was introduced by Hollings (1979) in ecology. This concept is used in uncertainties and unknowns and based on the latest definition of resilience in National Academy (2012) resilience is “the ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from or more successfully adapt to actual or potential adverse events”. The objective of this study is to assess and analyze the resilience of Mashhad. Therefore, the resilience city's indicators   were prepared based on previous studies and models. Also, was used idea's scientific in Brain Storm meeting. Then, was prepared questionnaire according to mentioned indicators in order to assessment resilience and voluntary of Mashhad. Society statistics have been 40 Scientifics in different fields such as disaster management, environment, and civil engineering.

Finally, obtained results of questionnaire was analyzed and evaluated by SPSS.  In order to analyzing of data, was used "descriptive statistic and Inferential statistic". In descriptive statistic section has been used average, mode, variance, skewness parameters. In inferential statistic section was used Friedman's test.It was Although, Mashhad is in better condition of socio-cultural dimension, the results of other dimensions and also entire resilience of Mashhad state vulnerability of the city. Therefore, authorities and managers of city should not ignore improper condition of other dimensions and they should move towards resilience improvement.


Resilience , vulnerability,disaster management , Mashhad metropolitan

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