Speech aggression in the print media as a means of influence on the reader

Olga Nikolaevna Goryacheva, Oksana Gennadyevna Gunko


Such phenomena, as linguistic safety, speech aggression, pejorative connotation, are included in the field of attention of authors of the article. Language descriptions of the postindustrial society are investigated in the article; the regressive phenomena in the information and communication environment are examined. Through a linguistic analysis authors undertake an attempt to classify the examples of the use of pejorative vocabulary, coming from the thematic contrasting. On actual material the different forms of display of speech aggression are presented in texts of the printed mass media. Taking into account that perception of the  media text takes place inclusive of base-line information, the assumption about negative communicative options forming in society is made, here the special attention focuses on examples, containing violation of communicative and ethic norms. Practical meaningfulness is determined by the working out of journalistic materials with the purpose of determination of quality descriptions of communicants as representatives of integral informative society.


speech aggression, linguistic safety, media text, connotation, info media

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