The effect of Social Marketing techniques on Knowledge and Attitude of Health Scholars to Medical Librarianship Services

Hasan Ashrafi-rizi, Nilofar Hodhodinejad, Mohammadreza Soleymani, Leila Shahrzadi


Today, by increasing medical research, medical librarians perform an important role between health information and health services. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of Social Marketing techniques on Knowledge and Attitude of health scholars to Medical Librarianship Services. Rsearch method was quasi-experimental and study type was practical. The data collection tool was two research made questionnaires based on knowledge and attitude to four dimensions of social marketing. The study population included all faculty members and students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 1394 that 36 people in each test and control groups were randomly selected. Medical Library and Information Science experts confirmed the validity and reliability by using Cronbach's alpha was obtained respectively, 0.82 and 0.92. The method of collecting data was in-person and data analyze with SPSS 20  was performed in descriptive and inferential statistics (paired t-test and t-test).

The average of knowledge and attitudes of the target population after social marketing intervention has increased significantly. Among the aspects of social marketing, most of the changes was in knowledge and attitudes (3/7 and 1/6). The changes of awareness in Dimension of accessibility (3.3), the cost of participation (3.1) and communication (8.0) also increased significantly, while the lowest rate of attitude change was in dimension of accessibility (4.0 -), and communication (1 / 0-). The lack of awareness to medical librarian services, lead to reducing the role of medical and academic libraries. According to the social role of libraries, social marketing is an appropriate way to informing users to medical librarian services and create a positive attitude among the country's health community

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