Natural Attractions in Tourist’s Poem Case Study: Al-Jawahiri

Roghieh Mosleh, Marzieh Nekoo laaltak, Hassan Ebrahimi nia


Literature is considered the broadest cultural horizon and one of the most effective factors for cultural consolidation and development. In this respect, classical poetry, for being rhythmic, capability of being memorized and learned by heart and providing illustrations, mirrors historical and cultural excellence and eminence of any nation.When a poet with his/her extreme potency of thought and imagination attempts to describe an ancient and historical monument or a green location with its nice climate, an image of that place is sketched in public thoughts, its value and significance is raised and native people will protect it with  a different view.

Current paper discusses and analyzes some odes and poetries composed by a well-known Iraqi poet, Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri, about Iran.

Likewise, this paper suggest that travelling of the elite people, scholars, cultural authorities and artists might be beneficial for both the host and guest communities which considerably helps to establish of effective cultural relations.



Tourist’s poem; Natural attraction; Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri; Iran

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