Investigating factors affecting the development of export performance in small and medium entrepreneur companies (Case Study: dried fruit exporting companies of Tehran Province)

Bahram Navazeni, Sohrab Rahmani


Today success in export is very important. In some studies, the highlighted role of entrepreneurship in the implementation of export strategies is investigated. The entrepreneurial attitude of managers may have an effective role in the export performance. This study is an applied descriptive research that conducted by field survey method. Data collection tool in this study has been through questionnaire. In this study, factors affecting development of export of entrepreneurs in the international markets has been investigated. In this survey, dried fruit exporting companies in Tehran have been studied. Variables include: Entrepreneurship, export, performance of innovation, organizational learning, which were tested using PLS software, and the results of research showed that entrepreneurial orientation as mediator has an impact on export and organizational learning and innovation.


entrepreneurship, export, organizational learning, innovation.

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