The Employability of the Tunisian Graduates

Sonia Agili


In Tunisia, like in any other country in the world, the employability of graduates remains always a big challenge. A deep look at the situation will reveal that because our local government fails to offer jobs for graduates they decide to continue their studies. Yet, their chance to get jobs decreased because of their over qualifications, sometimes the market does not need someone who has higher degrees. In fact, except for medicine, computer science, telecommunications, and architecture where opportunities to get a job increase, the other branches suffer from a bad fate: un-employability. For this reason, it is legitimate, to question the educational system in Tunisia and propose some solutions. Based on some authentic statistics which shall be depicted, the present study will seek methods to increase the employability of graduates. It is not then the problem of students but rather the problem of the educational system which does not take into consideration the link between what is theoretical and what is practical. The present paper aims to achieve two basic goals. First, it will be shown in detail the statistics of unemployed graduates in merely all the disciplines. Second, it will propose some practical solutions which are possible and might help in decreasing the un-employability of graduates.


Employability vs. Unemployability, higher education, graduates, educational system, labor market.

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