Nigerian Popular Music is Everywhere: Proliferation or Development?

Abiodun Femi


Nigerian popular music is big. This means it has grown or that it has increased numerically. Does the growth amount to development? The paper premised on the migration theory measures points of departure between what the Nigerian audience wants, what the musicians can provide, and what the music climate allows. The study relies on data collected between 2011 and 2018 fieldwork on the spread of popular music in Nigeria. It is assumed here that the stages of the development/proliferation of popular music in Nigeria are a result of repression, diffusion, and migration of music and musician. The paper argues that while identity repression deprived significant musical development, the mass-oriented identity facilitates growth- an increase in number. The paper concludes that the implications of repressive identity notwithstanding, the proliferation of Nigerian popular music have enhanced a better economic and musical life in Nigeria.


Proliferation, Development, identity, repression.

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