The Role of Political Talk Shows in Raising Political Awareness among Youth: A Case Study of University of Karachi

Kaneez Fatima Mamdani, Muhammad Yasin, Mahrukh Siddiqui


This research paper examines the influence and role of political talk shows in raising political awareness among youth. The factors included in the study were; political talk shows, educational level, political awareness, political discussion and participation, voting behavior, and party mandate. The universe of the study was the University of Karachi. The calculated sample of the study was 196. Respondents were taken from the faculty of Social Science & Humanities and the faculty of Sciences, University of Karachi. Equally proportionate stratified sampling was used for the distribution of the sample size while convenient random sampling was used to select the sampling units. The questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection. Hypotheses were tested and the p-value was calculated through SPSS software. The result showed that political talk shows had a significant relationship with the level of political awareness among youth. It was also observed that political talk shows were essential for the promotion of knowledge, news, and updated awareness about the political issues of the country. 


Youth, political talk shows, political awareness, political participation and debates, media.  

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