A Review of: On the Theoretical Foundation of Orality and Literacy and Communication, Community and Communion Papers by Professor Emevwo Biakolo. Former Dean School of Media and Communication, Pan- Atlantic University, Lagos Nigeria

Nefi Wole-Abu


This is a review of the papers of Professor Emevwo Biakolo, former Dean at the School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University Lagos. This review attempts to critically analyze the position of the author with respect to his assessment of Walter Ong’s postulations on orality and literacy. There is always an attempt to relate oral traditions with modernity as perceived by the author in light of communication, community, and communion. There is an interrogation of foundational works by the author of this paper and this interrogation generates new areas of discourse and further interrogations which this review highlights. There is also a weighing of civilization stemming from differences in spatiality. Knowledge gaps have been identified by the author of the reviewed papers.


Orality, Literacy, communication, community and communion.

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