A Lexico- Semantic Analysis Of Military Language

Takim Ajom Okongor


Language is one of the most important possessions at the disposal of man to help him shape and dominate his environment. Man, therefore, uses language in various contexts and situations either to offer information, influence attitudes, or maintain a social relationship. Because of these variegated functions, that language is called upon to perform differences exist in vocabulary and style.

This paper focuses on the Lexico-Semantic Analysis of military language. The aim is to describe the language of the military as a specialized variety with its own distinctive features. Data collection was by oral interview and observation technique. The findings show that the features of military Language are comparatively quite distinct from all other varieties. The author concludes that the language of the military is peculiar as well as relevant to those in the military profession.


register, military, profession, lexico- semantic, analysis.

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