The Juris prudence review of egai psycho active substance abuse and its impact on the criminal liability

Zaynab Teimori


Abuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances have an impact on individual criminal responsibility So that even the legislator in Article 154 of the Penal Code Act 1392 it predicted: Byaradgy intoxicated from the voluntary use of intoxicants, narcotics and psychotropic substances and the like, is not permitted unless it is proven to prevent crime committed during general plenipotentiary has .But if it is proven that the use of these materials in order to commit a crime or to realize that science is the offense will be the  penalty for each offense is sentenced. In this perspective, a researcher with the general expression of a variety of psychoactive drugs  the effect of these substances on their body and soul described how these materials affect people's willingness and alertness during the offense had. The general subject of criminal responsibility in terms of jurisprudential and legal review disclaimer of criminal and drug related crimes abuse of psychoactive substances will result in the elimination of individual so that part has vanished and people are going to say that the majority of the people in euphoria animus not be. 


Psychoactive Drugs, Drugs, Criminal Responsibility, Free animus, Liberty, Addict.

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