Investigating Civil Responsibilities of City Halls Regarding Directives of City`s Islamic Council

Nader Heydari, Ali Rashidi


Government`s responsibility regarding its measures was discussed throughout history and after formation of modern governments various hypotheses have been proposed regarding its boundaries. One of such hypotheses is the division between application of authority and application of tenure. In this respect, the main challenge that this research is going to address is determining the responsibilities of city hall in administration of city`s Islamic council directives and at the end of the research explanation of cases of civil responsibilities of city halls regarding non-administration of the directives of city`s Islamic council will be clarified. Interpretation hypothesis which is written article 11 of national civil law established in 1339 is inefficient for compensating for damages caused by city halls measures in violating  city council`s directives. Right guarantee and quality hypotheses can be considered as a basis for tolerating public expenses, in addition to interpretation hypothesis, complement public institutions civil responsibilities/ it seems that due to the establishment of law authority principle cased by constitution and implied interpretation of individuals` equality facing law in addition to no loss principle, we can consider a justified legal basis to expand data of public institutes responsibilities according to new hypotheses. Creation of support mechanisms such as foundation of special funds mandatory insurance of risky public institutes risky operations can be considered as guaranteeing supposed measures.


Civil responsibility, city council, city hall, application of tenure, application of authority.

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