Health& Urban planning with site selection of Sari wastewater treatment plant help Geographical Information System

Reza Lahmian


The world population growth with expanding of agriculture and industrial activities in one hand and recent years drought in the other hand cause that the use of surface fresh water resources reached its the highest level. One of the most important issues is shortage; water demand in cities is the exertion of waste water and its treatment. If this amount of wastewater is not treated and accumulated, it will be a huge contamination source that finally mixes up with surface and underground reservoir. Construction of a treatment wastewater is an environmental issue that any neglect for revision will lead it to disastrous consequences. But in order to accumulate and treat we can re-use the urban water. First step in developing the treatment is recognizing suitable location of GIS and multi-criteria system, as analytic of hierarchy that can introduce a good location and it is expected that the chosen locations have intended criteria compared to the scores allocated. Due to the effective standards in locating and analytic hierarchy that provides analysis of incompatible standards, the created fuzzy layers and after combination, are classified in four layers. The informatics layer of distance from the cities is the most important standard. At the end about 750000 m in a very suitable layer is provided for constructing the sari wastewater treatment. 


Sari town, GIS, wastewater treatment, multi criteria techniques, fuzzy model, urban health.

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