The Importance of Reading in Creative Writing

Yagouta Beji


It is of utmost importance to shed lights on the issues related to ‘writing’. There are in fact many reasons for such an interest on the part of both the teacher and the student. Writing represents, first, one of the major criteria of assessment of any student who is supposed to interact with subjects, topics, problems, theses, hypotheses, analyses and discussions while s/he ‘writes’. Writing for a student is, therefore, a necessary daily activity that reflects his/her ideas and understandings for the issues the curriculum proposes or for any other issue. Writing, secondly, is a hindrance for many students who find certain difficulties in conveying the appropriate meaning using the appropriate linguistic structures.

This paper will present the effects of reading on writing and try to provide a clear and plain definition of creative writing in a way that will help students or writers in general to overcome the problems they may have in writing or to improve their linguistic production. 


reading, creative writing, problems, solutions.

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