A Study on the Grounds of Osho Mysticism's Tradition Evasion as an Example of Emerging Gnoses

Muhammad Bolandgara


The tradition evasion of emerging gnoses including Osho mysticism is influenced by two groups of causes. The first deals with the mystic's view and opinion about man, God, and relation of these two. This type of tradition evasion is somehow observed also in some Islamic mystics such as Hallaj, Bayazid Bastami and Rumi. The second set of these factors influencing Osho's tradition evasion are political, social factors and even economic, individual, and mental factors, and especially, type of the community where Osho lived and dominant tradition in that society also affected Osho's judgment on tradition. In cases, Osho generalized these certain prevailing conditions in his society and tradition to all religions. In this paper, we consider these factors.



tradition evasion, emerging gnoses, Osho mysticism, Islamic mysticism.

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