Globalization and City Diplomacy: The Formation of Global Citizen (Possibility or Impossibility)

Mahnaz Goodarzi, Mohammad Kaffash Nayyeri


With faded role of borders and spatiality of time and space along with change and evolution in the nature of the international system and the concept of sovereignty with the establishment of transnational flows, globalization caused promoted urban relationships and networks to worldwide level and international relations. As a result, it has led to the formation of city diplomacy. Consequently, the position of citizens and their role, as a constituent element of city diplomacy, are influenced by this promoted level. Therefore, considering the role of citizen in city diplomacy in the era of globalization, recognition and awareness of possibility or impossibility of global citizen are believed to be the question to draw the outlook of functional role of citizens in globalization. Authors believe that the role of citizen is being highlighted in the process of globalization alongside the role of governments in international relations in different forms of political, economic, cultural and environmental global citizen in city diplomacy.


globalization, citizen, diplomacy, city diplomacy, global citizen.

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